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  • 8:30 - Participants assemble at Mucem
  • 9:00 – Renewing the Foundations for Rights in Harmony With Nature / Right of Future Generations
    Moderator: Prof. Victor TAFUR

Émilie Gaillard, general coordinator Normandie Chair for Peace – Towards a  transgenerational approach of Human Rights and Duties
Corinne Lepage, Attorney – Universal Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Humankind
Prof. James R. May – Actualizing the Rights of Nature (by Zoom video)
Stéphane PESSINA, Towards a legal mesologic approach of the Rights of Nature

  • 9:45 – Good Stories: Harmonizing Law With Earth’s Natural Systems
    MODERATOR: PROF. Montserrat Abad (Spain)   

Durwood Zaelke – Uniting to Conserve the Stratospheric Ozone (IGSD) (by Zoom video)
Andrew David Raine, UN Environment Programme - Montevideo Environmental Law Programme V: A Decade of Action on Environmental Rule of Law (by Zoom video)
Sasha Koo-Oshima  (FAO) – One Water One Health: connecting role of water in food production, animal, human, and environmental health

  • 10:30 – Why Are States Timid to Acknowledge “Rights”?

Prof. Yann Aguila & Marie-Cecile de Bellis - What does a Martian see in us : why the Earth needs a Global Pact?

  • 11:00 – Coffee/tea break

  • 11: 15 –  The Environmental Rule of Law
    Moderator: Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson

Justice Antonio Herman BENJAMIN (Brazil), IUCN WCEL Chair
Gustavo ALANIS, Mexican Center for Environmental Law  
Scott FULTON, Environmental Law Institute
Prof. Nicholas BRYNER, Deputy Chair, IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law
Ayman CHERKAOUI, Senior Manager for Strategic Development, Mohammed VI Foundation for Environ-mental Protection

  • 13:00 (1:00 pm)  – Luncheon Break  

  • 14:00 (2:00 pm ) -  IUCN WCC – Towards Addressing Earth “Existential” Crises
    Moderator: Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson

Justice Michael Wilson – A Climate Crisis Commission & Motion 003
Prof.  Elisa Scotti – Global Pandemic Network (GPN) - Zoonosis & COVID 19 
Christopher Sudol (by ZOOM video), and Prof. David Forman –  Indigenous Rights: Renouncing the Doctrine of Discovery
John NOTORIS, Carly HOPKING (video talk)  Prof. Richard L. Ottinger (by ZOOM video) – The Energy Crisis & IUCN’s Programme

  • 14:45 (2:45 pm) –  Commemoration: In Memoriam, the Defenders of Nature

Antonio Benjamin, Patricia Mbote (by ZOOM video), Andy Raine (by ZOOM video), Antonio Oposa (by ZOOM video), Smita Narula (with a video component from the Elisabeth Haub Award Ceremony, at  Pace University, New York), honoring ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENDERS, in memoriam

  • 15:15 (3:15 pm)  -  “Toward Our Future”
    Moderator: Justice Antonio Herman Benjamin (Brazil)

Prof. Dr. Christina Voigt, Chair candidate, IUCN WCEL

  • 15:45 (3:45 pm) – Ceremony closes – “Peace with the Earth”
    Moderator: Prof. Emilie Gaillard, Normandy Chair for Peace

Antonio Oposa, Normandy Chair for Peace by ZOOM video)

[Participants depart for Convention Center and 17:00 (5:00 pm) opening ceremony of the IUCN WCC]













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