Program > 2 September

  •  8:30 -  Participants assemble at MUCEM
  •  9:00 - Welcomes - Moderator: REINHARD KRAPP (Germany)

François-Xavier Priollaud, Région Normandie  (by ZOOM video)
Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson, Executive Governor, ICEL
Message from Francoise Thibault, General Delegate of the Athena Alliance (SHS Research France CNRS Conference of Universities) (video talk)
Lamri ADOUI, President of the University of Caen Normandy, co-holder of the Normandy Chair for Peace (video talk)
Christine BRUNEL, Delegate CNRS Normandy
Pascal Buléon, Director of the MRSH
Antonio OPOSA – Normandy Chair for Peace Leader - Peace with the Earth video (Via Zoom)
Emilie Gaillard, Normandy Chair for Peace
Grethel AGUILAR, Associate Director-General IUCN

  • 9:30 – Ecological Law – Ethical foundations 
    Moderator: PROF. Emilie Gaillard

Prof. Klaus Bosselmann, Ecological Law & Governance Association (by ZOOM video)
Kathryn Gwiazdon, Ethics Specialist Group, IUCN WCEL
Patrick Blandin, IUCN Comité français l’UICN
Prof. Jochen Sohnle, University of Nancy, Normandy Chair for Peace
Prof. Christophe Bouriau, University of Nancy, Normandy Chair for Peace

  • 10:30 – Coffee/Tea break 
  • 11:00 – Artificial Intelligence: Providing Nature with Autonomy and Stewardship
    Moderator: PROF. Victor Tafur

Prof. David FreestoneDeploying AI: The Sargasso Sea Commissions (Video talk)
Prof. Andrea Leiter: Establishing Agency for Nature: The Sovereign Nature Initiative
Rutger van Zuidam (with a video component):  Creating collaborative collectives for human intelligence - common ground for grass roots regenerative AI

  •  11:45 – Legal Indicators – Measuring How we Observe Environmental Duties
    Moderator: Pascal Buléon (France)

Prof. Michel Prieur (by ZOOM video)
Christophe Bastin, Normandy Chair for Peace.

  • 12:15 noon Duties for the Rights of Future Generations: The Promise of the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion
    Moderator: Laura DUARTE (Normandy Chair for Peace) 

 Nicole Ann Ponce (By ZOOM vidéo), Solomon Yeo, WYCJ (by ZOOM video)
Alyn Ware, Rob Van Riet (by ZOOM video) , Samira Ben Ali, Olivia Richard (Normandy Chair for Peace)

  •  12:45 – Luncheon Break

  •  14:00 (2:00 pm) – From Transitional Justice to Environmental Peacebuilding:  Broadening the Legal Framework
    Moderator: PROF. Victor Tafur

Laetitia Braconnier, PhD student University of Paris Nanterre and National University of Colombia,Normandy Chair for Peace(via ZOOM video)
Luis Miguel Gutierrez,  University of Poitiers (CECOJI), Normandy Chair for Peace
Eduardo Fruleux, Normandie Chair for Peace
Representative CNTI, Comisión Nacional de Territorios Indígenas de Colombia (by ZOOM video)
Carl BRUCH, Director, International Programs, Environmental Law Institute (Washington DC, USA) 

  •   15:00 (3:00 pm) – Sanctuarisation of Forest
    Moderator : Prof.. Chikosa Banda (Malawi) (by ZOOM video)

Gert Peter Bruch, Planet Amazon, Normandy Chair for Peace
Apollinaire Oussou Lio, Environmental protector Bénin (by ZOOM video)
Mindahi Bastida, Otomi indigenous representant
Laura Paquemar, Normandy Chair for Peace

  •  16:00 (4:00 pm) – Ensuring Food Sovereignty and Protecting Biodiversity through the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants
    Moderator: Gustavo ALANIS, Mexican Center for Environmental Law

Prof. Smita Narula, Elisabeth Haub School of Law School at Pace University (via ZOOM video)
Geneviève SAVIGNY, Confédération Paysanne and La Via Campesina (France) (via ZOOM video)
Cassandra Jurenci & Nick Sioufas,Elisabeth Haub School of Law School at Pace University (via ZOOM video)

  • 16:45 (4:45 pm) - Tea/coffee break

  • 17:00 (5:00) - World Premier Performance – Music Caring for The Earth
    Moderator : Prof. Nicholas A. ROBINSON, ICEL Executive Governor, NCP Chair Emeritus

 Prof. Koh Kheng Lian, ICEL Board of Governors (Audio presentation)
“Voice of the Sea” composed and conducted by Amos CHIYA, ICEL Representative for Music & Culture (Video presentation)

  •  17:40 (5:40 pm) -  50 years of Crafting Environmental Law: A Good Story 

H. E. Donald KANIARU, ICEL Representative in Nairobi and Prof. Nilufer Oral (Turkey by ZOOM Video), Director NUS Center for International Law & UN ILC Member and Prof. Victor Tafur ICEL Associate Executive Governor, NCP Environmental Peace-Building and Transitional Justice

Commemorating the Jurists Behind the Intergenerational accomplishments of the 1972 Stockholm Declaration on the Human Environment, 1982 UN Charter for Nature, 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment & Development and 2002 Johannesburg Declaration on Sustainable Development, and recalling The Legacy of Dr. Wolfgang E. Burhenne

  •  18:30 (6:30 pm)Adjourn for the day
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